Cos-Fiery series products are coated with iron oxide on the surface of synthetic mica. It is a highly saturated color purity and ultra-bright colors. It has become an upgraded version of ordinary iron-colored products, improving the visual clarity and contours of stage actors. Appeared and become a popular trend in the field of makeup.

High Performance 

High Performance pigment is the surface of synthetic mica substrate, which is coated with metal oxide through lattice doping technology, and the color is precisely controlled, so that the color produces a rich and beautiful effect. Bright and eye-catching, high color saturation and strong metal texture, it gives people a gem-like noble visual enjoyment.

Dual Color Series

Dual Color series products are produced by metalizing the surface of the pearlescent pigment with synthetic mica as the base material and producing two colors according to the viewing angle. The colors are soft and low-key, giving a strong affinity, low gloss, and good skin feel. The heavy metal content is low, and the product has both hydrophilic and lipophilic properties.

Synthetic large particle size series

Synthetic large particle size series products are a new type of pearlescent material with super large particle size, high flash and low hiding power formed by the surface metal oxide coating technology with synthetic mica as the base material. Use significant advantages.

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