Synthetic Mica Based Pearlescent Pigments for Industrial Applications

ChesCrystal pearlescent pigments are made from synthetic mica coated with special metal oxide. 

Synthetic mica pearlescent pigment is whiter, brighter, purer than natural mica pearlescent pigment. With attractive crystalline gloss refracted from the translucent crystal particles, ChesCrystal pearlescent pigment, with its pure whiteness, emerges beauty and harmony of light and color, and generates infinite reverie in imagination, distinctive color elements and color space applied with other transparent materials, giving better color imagination to designers. 

Synthetic mica pigments are non-toxic and tasteless with low impurity content, higher temperature resistant, zero radioactivity, and lower heavy metal content, thus Crystal serie can be widely applied  in paints, plastics, ink prints, wall papers, floorings, artificial leather, powder coatings, etc..