Natural Mica Based Pearlescent Pigments for Industrial Applications

ChesPearl pearlescent pigments are made from natural mica powder coated with titanium dioxide, ferric oxide and (or) other metal oxide. 

It presents rainbow-like interference colors with multiple reflection and refraction of light shining on the flakes. The interference colors differ according to the thickness of titanium dioxide or other metal oxide, giving a far-reaching, three-dimensional and silky feeling with an excellent multicolor effect. 

It’s environment-friendly with great pearl effect, low density, non-conductivity, non magnetic conductivity, non toxicity, and good chemical stability to light, heat, weather, acid and alkali. Thanks to these, natural mica pearlescent pigment is widely applied in powder coating, plastic coating, floor coating, leather coating, emulsion painting, industrial coating, artistic painting, coil coating and so on.