Actively explore the international market, Chesir debuts at Japan International Cosmetics Fair

From January 24th to 26th, the 6th Tokyo International Cosmetics Exhibition and the 8th Cosmetic Development Exhibition were held in Chiba Makuhari Exhibition Hall, Japan, attracting more than 800 exhibitors from all over the world. Chesir brought a series of innovative products with exclusive technology of microspheres, ultrafine powders, and synthetic mica powders, which caused many industry insiders to stop and inquires.



As consumers disposable income grows and skin care awareness increases, more and more consumers are beginning to favor high-end makeup products, pursuing more unique color effects and a better skin feel experience. Based on the huge room for pearl materials to increase in the cosmetics market, Chesir has long been committed to research and development and innovation of cosmetic grade pearl materials. With a strong R&D team and relying on unique patented technology, it has built an internationally advanced cosmetic grade product production line to create its own High-end cosmetic grade pearl materials with stable color, strong dispersion, good coverage, low heavy metal content, and UV absorption. Once exhibited, it has been widely recognized and welcomed by the market with a quality that is significantly superior to similar products in the industry, attracting the attention of many internationally renowned cosmetics companies and distributors.

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As the world's second largest country in the production and consumption of cosmetics, Japan’s pearl material market has huge potential for development and is an important part of the expansion of the Chesir international market. The annual Japan International Cosmetics Exhibition is Japan's largest cosmetics industry exhibition. Since it was first held in 2011, it has gradually developed into a leading beauty and hairdressing exhibition in Asia .This exhibition is a good platform for Chesir to further expand the Japanese market, which not only greatly enhances the popularity of Chesir in Japan, but also upgrades Chesir’s overseas influence.

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In recent years, Chesir has a forward-looking vision, has vigorously implemented the "go global" strategy, accelerated the opening of new markets, and has footprints in the UK, Germany, Indonesia, Thailand and other major European and American and Southeast Asian exhibitions. The continuous participation in the exhibition and the promotion of brand awareness have provided a steady stream of power for the company's development. The products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions in Europe, America, and Southeast Asia. In the future, Chesir will closely grasp the needs of the international market, innovate product research and development, strengthen the service of personalized color solutions, and further accelerate the new pace of international market expansion.

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