Deep plowing, breakthrough, overseas market development is gradually getting better ——Su Ertian, Chairman of Chesir, led a team to inspect Europe

From March 6th to 9th, in order to further expand overseas business and clarify the international strategic layout of the company, Chesir's chairman Mr. Su Ertian and Vice General Manager Jin Zengqin and the team went to France to inspect the European market and inspected the operation of European subsidiary-CHESIR EUROPE S.A.S. 

In recent years, Chesir has made great efforts to explore global overseas markets. While speeding up, it has also attached great importance to the establishment of high-quality distribution networks. During this inspection, Chairman Mr. Su Ertian and the team visited a number of partners to conduct detailed discussions on in-depth cooperation in product development, after-sales service, marketing and other aspects, and reached distribution cooperation in 15 European countries, and signed the 2018 annual sales contract.


During the visit to the European subsidiary, the subsidiary team reported to Mr. Su Ertian in detail the company's achievements in product development, marketing, brand promotion, etc. Since its establishment more than a year ago, the European subsidiary has made remarkable achievements in the development of cosmetic grade pearl material products. At present, many models have been included in the on-site formula verification by well-known cosmetic brands. In terms of market development, the subsidiary strengthened the management and development of European dealers and customers by conducting systematic research and planning on the European market, unifying the brand image of Chesir in Europe, effectively improving corporate brand effects and visibility, global marketing network layout accelerates rapidly. Driven by the strength of European subsidiaries, the international trade volume of Chesir in 2017 increased by 30% year-on-year, which greatly promoted the company's internationalization process.

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As an important link for Chesir to connect with overseas markets, in 2018, Chesir European Subsidiary will focus on France as its core foothold, radiating the main pearl pigment-using countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy, targeted development and expansion of business, rapid promotion of Chesir products and brands into the European market, and further improve the company's market competitiveness. Based on the booming development of European subsidiaries, relying on high-quality product quality and a stable domestic business market, Chesir is continuously accelerating the global market strategic deployment, and take a firm and steady step towards the vision of “becoming the world's leading pearl new materials company”.

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