Chesir wins two awards: "2019 Guangxi's Most Potential Private Enterprise" and "2019 Guangxi's Top 100 Private Enterprise Manufacturing Industry"

On September 9th, the launch of the "Top 100 Private Enterprises in Guangxi in 2019" held by the Autonomous Region Industry and Commerce Federation and jointly selected by the Autonomous Region Science and Technology Department, Industry and Information Technology Department, Market Supervision Bureau, and Taxation Bureau was held in Nanning. Guangxi Chesir Pearl Materials Co., Ltd. won the honor of "2019 Guangxi's Most Potential Private Enterprise" and was selected as the "Top 100 Private Enterprise Manufacturing Industry in Guangxi 2019". Leaders of the Standing Committee of the Autonomous Region Party Committee, Minister of United Front Work Xu Shaochuan, Deputy Director of the Autonomous Region People's Congress Lu Xianban, Vice Chairman of the Autonomous Region Government Fei Zhirong, Vice Chairman of the Autonomous Region Political Consultative Conference, Chairman of the Federation of Industry and Commerce Mo Changying, etc. Chesir Vice General Manager Mr. Zhou Fangchao took the stage to accept the award on behalf of the company.


"Guangxi's Most Potential Private Enterprise" uses the principles of "independence, public welfare, openness, fairness, and justice" to focus on the private enterprise's main income, profit, taxation, integrity, innovation, quality brand, green environmental protection, integration of industrialization and industrialization to evaluate. The "2019 Guangxi Most Potential Private Enterprise" was awarded the honor again after Chesir won the "Guangxi Most Potential Private Enterprise" in 2018.

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The top 100 manufacturing enterprises in Guangxi's private enterprises based on 2018's operating income as the main selection basis, and fully evaluated the comprehensive strength of an enterprise.


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Following the past, this time the company won two honors, "2019 Guangxi's Most Potential Private Enterprise" and "2019 Guangxi's Top 100 Private Enterprise Manufacturing Industry", mainly due to the following aspects: 

First, adhere to the strategic goal unswervingly. Under the leadership of Chairman Mr. Su Ertian, the company formulated a long-term development strategy and established the strategic goal of "becoming a global leader in new materials" In the eight years since Chesir was established in 2011, regardless of the internal and external difficulties experienced by the company, the company has always adhered to its strategic goals, firmly focused on its main business, and continuously strengthened its internal management to enhance its ability to respond to market competition. At present, the "Phase 1 Project" of the company's strategic plan has been completed, and the "Second Phase Project" has begun construction. 

Second, rely on scientific and technological innovation to build a platform for the development of scientific and technological personnel. The company continuously improves the introduction and training mechanism of talents, provides a good career platform and living environment for talents, and has built a largest research team of pearl effect materials in China. In order to continuously strengthen the company's scientific research capabilities, the company integrates a variety of internal and external scientific research forces. In addition to building an enterprise technology center in Guangxi, Chesir and the Hubei University of Technology have jointly established a "Chesir Pearl New Material R & D Center" , in Toulouse, France. Established "Chesir European R & D Center". In recent years, the company has also cooperated with Peking University, Tsinghua University, Guangxi University, etc. to build a "postdoctoral workstation" with Peking University. With the efforts of the scientific research team, the company has successively obtained 30 invention patent technologies and dozens of core secret technologies. The company's technology center has been identified as the provincial “Enterprise Technology Center” and “Pearl Material Engineering Technology Research Center” and obtained It has won honorary titles such as "Guangxi Peking Enterprise", "Guangxi Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise" and "National Intellectual Property Superior Enterprise". 

The third is to focus on upgrading the product structure. The company takes the upgrading of its product structure as the focus of its competitiveness, and continuously promotes the upgrade and development of its products through technological innovation. Although the pearl material industry has high technical barriers and has been monopolized by companies such as Merck and BASF in the high-end field, in recent years, the company has continued to deeply study the process principle and manufacturing technology of pearl materials. The key substrate, synthetic mica, has made breakthroughs in its core technology, and successfully developed more than 500 standard models of 8 series, covering the "high, medium, and low" end. Now Chesir's products in the low-end segment can completely replace imported products, and they have gradually penetrated and seized their market space in the high-end market.

Fourth, focus on the construction of marketing channels. The company conducts integrated marketing through big data, establishes the company's product database and customer database, uses the big data to keep abreast of market trends, adjusts and optimizes sales strategies in a timely manner, and improves the accuracy and flexibility of market response, thereby rapidly increasing customer stickiness and market share. At present, the company has long-term cooperation with hundreds of major customers in domestic and foreign markets, forming a well-organized and reasonable marketing channel network, covering more than 50 countries and regions around the world. In 2017, the company established a European subsidiary in France (CHESIR EUROPE S.A.S). Provide strong technical and after-sales service support for Chesir customers in the international market. When the long wind and waves break, there will be clouds hanging straight to the sea. Chesir will continue to work hard in the field of effect new materials. In accordance with the strategic vision of the “Company Second Five-Year Plan”, gather energy to become an enterprise and strive to become the “invisible champion” of the industry, and continue to create beautiful and healthy colors for the world.

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