A Tribute to the Most Beautiful Strugglers— Happy 70th Birthday China

On September 29, President Xi awarded medals and delivered an important speech to the recipients of the National Medal and National Honor in Beijing. President Xi said that advocating heroes can produce heroes, and fighting for heroes can lead to heroes. As long as there are firm ideals and convictions, unremitting struggle spirit, and do every ordinary thing down to earth, all ordinary people can get an extraordinary life, and all ordinary work can create extraordinary achievements. Looking back on the struggling history of Chesir since its establishment eight years ago, under the leadership of Chairman Mr. Su Ertian, a group of loyal and reliable, courageous and responsible, who have contributed to the development of the enterprise have also emerged.

"Luzhai Craftsman" She Xiaolong: Resist loneliness, keep improving, and make first-class products


She Xiaolong, an "old employee" who has been in the company since the beginning of construction, has witnessed every development and every step of Chesir's development. He has been engaged in testing new products for seven years, and has gradually grown into a deputy manager of the workshop. During the experimental work, he successfully completed a number of research and development projects, creating greater economic benefits for the company. 

This year he was transferred to the Deputy Manager of the Pearlescent Workshop. Through reasonable improvement, effective management, output and quality, which have reached a record high since Chesir was put into production, Chesir has created a wolf-like and combat-friendly production team. Hardworking people live up to their expectations. In September this year, Xiao Xiaolong won the honorary title of "Luzhai Craftsman." On September 28, the company convened all employees to give a grand commendation to the "Luzhai Craftsman" Wu Xiaolong, and paid high respects. The title of "Luzhai Craftsman" is not only an affirmation of the work spirit and selfless dedication of Xiao Xiaolong, but also a demonstration and inspiration for everyone of Chesir. Xiao Xiaolong: On the occasion of the 70th birthday of the motherland, I wish the motherland is getting better and better and more prosperous. I wish Chesir early realization of its goal of becoming a leading international pearl enterprise.

Ding Suyang, "new coach" in the pearlesent workshop: a pioneer in the company's efforts to reduce costs and increase efficiency

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Since taking over the Pearlescent Workshop in March of this year, Ding Suyang has improved the workshop management system and adjusted the staff allocation, which has greatly improved the workshop operation efficiency and the product qualification rate. Not only greatly reduced production costs and waste, the appearance of the workshop has also been effectively improved

Ding Suyang: While celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, I wish the motherland prosperity and prosperity, and I hope Chesir will be better tomorrow. The company's progress is inseparable from the efforts of each employee. It is hoped that the sense of responsibility can motivate the team to move forward. As a Chesir manager, I hope that I can motivate my colleagues and become a qualified struggler.

Lin Minli, a front-line engineer in scientific research, can hardly grow until he studies hard.

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Lin Minli is a product engineer in the technology center, a young research and development backbone trained by the company, and was named the company's outstanding employee in 2018. In just a few years from a college student to working in the company, with a spirit of hard work and hard work, he often worked overtime and quickly mastered the knowledge of pearl material development. Over the past few years, he has participated in the pilot development of more than 50 products, and completed pilot trials of more than 30 new products such as cosmetics, and successfully converted 27 products into mass production.

In addition to research and development of new products, Lin Minli also actively communicated with the host of the production line, solved multiple production process problems, stabilized the qualification rate of product quality, and significantly improved production efficiency. Lin Minli: Only when the country is strong can we have a home and peace. I wish the motherland a happy 70th birthday. At the same time, thank the company for its cultivation and wish Chesir better and better!

Team leader Ran Fuxiang: grass-roots management needs to work hard

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Ran Fuxiang is the head of the post-processing section. His usual task is to monitor the quality of the calcining and washing sections. As a grass-roots "leader", Ran Fuxiang's daily work is the earliest and the latest, and the major things in the workshop are always in his heart. Since the beginning of this year, the company has increased the requirements for the evaluation index of the pearlesent workshop. He led the staff of the entire team to develop a plan for improvement and improvement,the output, quality, cost and other indicators of the entire team have been greatly improved, and the cost has been greatly saved.

Ran Fuxiang: It is very happy to be able to participate in the cause of Chesir. I wish Chesir a high performance and a happy birthday to the motherland. 

China has ushered in a flourishing age of development, and Chesir has also ushered in a good age of development. The fate of every one of Chesir is closely linked to the fate of the country and the enterprise. We firmly believe that the future of the country is full of hope, and the future of our Chesir is full of hope. Every Chesir must learn from heroes, persevere and struggle, we must let Chesir's colors be seen in every corner of the world, and make our due contribution to the motherland with more excellent results! In the end, on this special day today.

 Let us together express our sincere wishes for the birthday of the motherland!

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