Commencement Ceremony of Chesir Phase II Project (Project with an annual output of 30,000 tons of pearl materials)

On the morning of November 18, Guangxi's "Double Hundred and Double New" project-Guangxi Chesir Pearl Material Co., Ltd. the foundation laying ceremony for an annual output of 30,000 tons of pearl effect material project was grandly held in the 2nd Industrial Park of Luzhai Economic Development Zone, Liuzhou City. The leaders of Luzhai County Mayor Wang Yi, County CPPCC Chairman Yuan Ziqiang, Chesir Chairman Mr. Su Ertian, and Vice Chairman Zheng Shizhan attended the groundbreaking ceremony and jointly started auspicious balls for Chesir.

Chen Wenjie, Deputy Director of Liuzhou Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Jin Lei, deputy director of Liuzhou Science and Technology Bureau, Song Yuqiang, deputy director of Liuzhou Forestry and Garden Bureau, Chen Ming, Vice Chairman of Liuzhou City Federation of Industry and Commerce, Deputy Investigation of Liuzhou Natural Resources and Planning Bureau with Luzhai County Standing Committee Member, Minister of Propaganda Department and Deputy County Mayor Chen Bo, Zhu Yanwen, member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee and head of the United Front Department, Rao Dongsheng, Deputy Director of the People's Congress, Tan Mei, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC, and responsible comrades of the units directly under the county and relevant departments, as well as representatives of shareholders, partners, partners, banks, Liuzhou Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce, Guangxi University EMBA classmates, and friends from the media Participated in the groundbreaking ceremony

The construction of the second-phase pearl effect material project with an annual output of 30,000 tons will break through the existing  Chesir manufacturing technology level and become the benchmark for the global pearl industry in intelligent manufacturing; it will realize the company's product structure to high-end products such as automotive coatings, cosmetics, and special functional grade Upgrade and transformation; promote the global development of China ’s national pearl material industry, enhance the international image of Chinese manufacturing and national brands, push the company ’s comprehensive strength to a new level, and achieve the strategic goal of “becoming the world ’s leading pearl material company” for Chesir Lay a solid foundation.

At the ceremony, Chairman Mr. Su Ertian thanked the party committees, governments, shareholders, partners and friends from all walks of life for their concern and support for the preparatory work of the second phase of Chesir project, and thanked the staff of the preparatory group for their hard work. He said: "The smooth start of the construction of the second phase of the Chesir project is an important milestone in the company's development history. Chesir will continue to work hard, organize the project construction carefully, pay close attention to the quality of the project, and strive for an early date Completion and production. "

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At the ceremony, on behalf of the four teams in Luzhai County, Wang Yi, the mayor of Luzhai County, expressed heartfelt congratulations to the start of the construction of the second phase of Chesir. He stated in his speech: "The second phase of the Chesir project is a" double hundred and double new "project in the autonomous region. Government departments at all levels throughout the county must highlight the core of" strong industrial county "and do a good job of corporate services in conjunction with the" project construction year ". Work, focusing on key areas such as project land security, administrative approval, etc., to strengthen the coordination of elements, optimize resource allocation, ensure element smooth for the smooth implementation of the project, and ensure that the project is "barrier-free". We must actively implement the "strong leader, fill the chain, gather "Group" development ideas, focusing on accelerating the transformation and integration of new and old kinetic energy, and promoting the high-quality development of the county economy.

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