ChinaCoat 2019

On November 19, the 24th ChinaCoat was held in Shanghai  Chesir's several activities with the theme of "Pearlescent pigments make a better life" were wonderfully presented, the exhibitors and visitors from all over the world impressed by Chesir's enterprises and products, laying a solid foundation for the successful completion of sales throughout the year and the development of the 2020 market solid foundation..

"Pearlescent pigments for a better life" theme new products have been highly recognized by customers


At Chesir's booth, a breath of life loomed. The theme of this year's coatings exhibition is "Pearlescent pigments make a better life". Cosmetic series, synthetic mica series, high peformance series, SF powder coating series, weathering Resistance series and other new products leading the industry technology and development trends Wonderful debut. These exhibits are more prominent in the characteristics of "health, environmental protection, and bright pearls", and can further improve the quality of people's lives and bring people a more colorful world. Many women who visited the exhibition for the first time were amazed that the main raw material in lipsticks, eye shadows, foundations and other cosmetics that are used every day is pearl materials.

International brand image highlights, new and old international customers come in


A lot of international new and old customers have come to discuss business cooperation in 2020. Customers in Europe, Southeast Asia, and India continue to grow this year. With the strengthening of Chesir's development in the Middle East and South America, customers in the Middle East and South America countries and regions has increased significantly. Many old friends who met at the Abrafati 2019 not long ago also come long way to discuss further cooperation with us.

This exhibition is the sixth time that Chesir participates in the ChinaCoat. The brand of "Chesir" has formed a good reputation among many customers at home and abroad through innovative and mature product systems through the platform of China International Coatings Exhibition. "Professional, innovative "The image of the international brand is further highlighted.

Sales + technical professional marketing service team to provide customers with more professional services 

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This time at the Shanghai exhibition, Chesir not only sent the main marketing team to participate, but also the technical research and development team also jointly supported. As a technology-intensive new material, pearl material has a wide range of applications, and good technical support is very important to improve customer's application effect. Chesir's marketing team and technical team have been committed to creating a "technical service" marketing model to provide customers with a better application experience and solve various problems in the application process.

Chairman Mr. Su Ertian delivered a warm speech at the customer appreciation dinner

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Cheseir specially held a grand customer appreciation dinner on the evening of November 19. Over 200 customers from all over the world gathered together to spend a wonderful night together. Everyone will share the wonderful years we have gone through and imagine the bright future together

Mr. Su delivered a warm speech and interacted with customers on the spot. In his speech, he said: I sincerely thank our customers for their care and support for Chesir. Chesir has continued to grow and develop under the care of everyone, and has gradually become an internationally renowned pearl material brand. Chesir just held the groundbreaking ceremony of the second phase of the 30,000-ton pearl material project yesterday. The construction of the second phase project will push the company's comprehensive strength to a new level. I hope that our customers and friends will continue to support Chesir in the future. We will work harder to provide our customers with better products, provide more professional and high-quality services, and repay all our customers for their long-term support and love.

Starting from this exhibition, the company's sales business will also be fully launched in 2020. In 2020, Chesir will continue to work on the target direction determined by the company's strategy, continue the concept of "Pearlescent pigments make a better life", and be driven by scientific and technological innovation, carry out in-depth industry application research, and continuously meet users' new needs for products and More and better products give back to our customers, and further improve the global marketing network, and build the Chesir brand into an internationally renowned pearl material brand.

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