Chesir New Year Conference 2020

As the traditional Chinese New Year is approaching, the 2019 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference and the 2020 New Year's Annual Conference were held on January 12 in the beautiful Lotus Villa.


Chen Bo, member of the Standing Committee of the Luzhai County Party Committee and executive deputy mayor, Lu Zheng, Chief Engineer of Liuzhou Industry and Information Bureau, Chesir Chairman Su Ertian, vice Chairman Zheng Shizhan, as well as more than 1,000 people including representatives of shareholders, distributors, suppliers, leaders of the Bank of Liu, Liuzhou Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce, Guangxi University EMBA alumni association, and all employees and family members of the company, they gathered together to share the pearly harvest and joy of the past year , and look forward to the coming of 2020 which shall be full of opportunities.

In 2019, with the joint efforts of all employees, the company delivered a dazzling transcript for the past 2019. At the just-concentrated signing ceremony of the brand dealers in 2020, the sales department signed a cumulative number of contracts. The amount hit a record high. At the opening of the annual meeting, the "2020 Authorized Brand Dealer" plaque awarding ceremony was first held for the brand dealers authorized to sign in 2020. All the dealer partners on stage were filled with happy smiles, full of confidence and expectations for the performance in 2020.

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Afterwards, Chairman Su Ertian delivered a warm speech. First of all, on behalf of Chesir, he extended his sincere respect and sincere thanks to all guests, partners, Chesir colleagues and all employees, and said that the rapid development of Chesir in 2019 is inseparable from the joint irrigation of all employees of the company. In the past year, Chesir is still market-oriented, with color solutions as its starting point, and continuously strengthening various sectors to expand sales channels to 51 countries and regions worldwide. The image of “Global leading brand of pearlescent pigments” and “Global leading brand of synthetic mica” have been further consolidated.

Looking forward to 2020, Mr. Su Ertian is full of confidence. He said impassionately that "2020 will be a more crucial year for Chesir's development. The company will stand on a higher platform and continue to work towards the established strategic goals to comprehensively improve the company core competitiveness. Let us unite and work hard together, forge ahead for the development of innovation and keep pace with time, striving to build Chesir into a world-class pearl materials enterprise. 

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At the conference, the company commends the individuals and teams who have made outstanding contributions to the development of Chesir in 2019, and is grateful to partners who have worked together along the way! Wu Ying and Huang Xuelian, led their respective departments to make outstanding achievements and won the title of "Excellent Manager"; Li Jianhua and Bai Zhihuan, won the Chairman's Special Award for their important contributions to the company's development in 2019. Technological innovation has promoted the company's continuous and rapid development, and the "Compound Alkali Expansion Use and Improvement Project" and the "Hydrolysis Process Optimization and Improvement Project" both won the company's outstanding innovation project award in 2019. Twelve colleagues, including Wu Shishan, A Yisuoti, and Tang Hanzhe, won the company's outstanding employees in 2019.

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The commendation ceremony was followed by a wonderful variety of performances. Two colleagues from the Finance Department, Wu Jie and Zheng Qinglian, followed the song last year and sang the song "Day One" this year. They became the company's star singers. With the popular hit songs in 2019, The handsome guys in the R & D department and the technical engineering department changed their serious images in the past, and made everyone feel their vitality and passion with dynamic and witty dancing. In 2019, the most memorable event is the grand celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. At the end of the party, under the leadership of colleagues from the manufacturing center and marketing center, the audience sang " My Motherland and me " together, and the audience suddenly became a red ocean. The warm singing lingerred for a long time.

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The new crossing set sail, the party ended successfully in bursts of laughter. One step at a time leads to a thousand miles, without accumulating small streams, there is no river or sea, the history of the river is endless, Chesir people are not afraid of wind and rain, are not afraid of danger, and have a lot of accumulation, struggling for Chesir to achieve the goal of "becoming a century-old enterprise in the pearl material industry" Wish Chesir 2020 a brighter future!

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