Today we resumed work

February 10 , Chesir employees  wear masks,line up to take the body temperature before return to work .


88% of Chesir employees returned to work, and all workshops and departments resumed normal production and operation in an orderly manner according to the plan formulated in advance.


During the Spring Festival, Chairman Surtian has always been concerned about the COVID-19 situation,directing a plan for resumption of production, And arrange the financing of epidemic prevention materials. we get in touch with Chesir's international partners in time , Request assistance in purchasing medical protective supplies, prepare for donations and donate.After overcoming all the hardships, all the protective substances such as alcohol and masks were in place before returning to work.The administrative department organized a comprehensive disinfection of the factory and registered information for all returning employees.As of February 9, we have fully prepared for the resumption of work, and has passed the government's resumption inspection.