The Printing Process with Pearlescent Pigments

Pearl pigment inks suitable for various printing methods, but the quality of various printing process of printing products will have a certain impact, in order to ensure the quality of printing, the printing process should match the performance with pearlescent pigment inks. Therefore, it is necessary to put forward some requirements to meet the requirements of printing ink. 

As in pearl pigment printing technology, printing speed and ink viscosity requirements to produce small, pearlescent effect, selection of pearlescent pigment particle size is large, the roller transfer effect is not very good, fast speed, the friction between the rollers is too large, it is easy to flake pigment grinding, pearlescent effect displayed No. If the speed is too slow and will have a pile of roller failure; in order to pursue the flash effect, selection of pearlescent pigment particle size is large, in order to increase the flow of ink, the printing ink is thinning, drying too slow, affecting the printing speed, forced to shut down, this is a thorny issue in offset printing.Pearl pigment ink intaglio printing process, printing surface gloss although enough and a large number of pearlescent pigments, it is difficult to present pearl flash effect. This is due to the printing plate engraving roller, only the smaller, reflecting weak ability of pearl powder transferred to the substrate, and the flaky larger particles remain in the plate groove, pearlescent pigment transfer to paper short weight, it is difficult to flash effect.

Screen printing process of pearlescent pigment  inks requirements and other printing ink is different. In order to make the printing process matched with ink for ink performance, pearlescent pigment particle size is large, it has many sided reflection performance, will form a strong diffusion is very uniform, good pearlescent luster.

But in the selection of mesh size should pay special attention to the screen aperture and ink used in pearlescent pigment particle. In order to make the ink through the stencil plate to the substrate, and not in the screen plugging phenomenon, the general requirements to screen aperture than pigment particles of 1.5 to 2.5 times is appropriate, but it is not a mesh of the bigger the better, because the low mesh size of the screen will affect the accuracy of the pattern, the image will be printed too rough, so the net mesh size to fit. Manufacturer of pearlescent inks should indicate the size of pearlescent pigment in ink product packaging, which is convenient for the users to use reference. 

From the experiment: the particle size of 20 ~ 180 m pearlescent pigment prepared ink should be chosen 40 ~ 60 mesh / inch mesh, printing printing products require high precision. If the Pearl diameter is 5 ~ 100 m pigment prepared ink, can choose 60 ~ 100 mesh / inch mesh, can be printed with some fine print.

According to the analysis of relevant information: mica pearlescent pigment concentration in printing ink in different printing mode (quality) and big difference, which is the lowest content in screen printing. The content of the screen printing ink is 8% ~ 15%; intaglio printing ink in the content of 15% ~ 25%; flexographic printing ink content is 15% ~ 25%; the content in offset ink is 30%. Therefore, the use of screen printing will reduce production costs.

In a word, mica pearlescent pigment is a kind of novel optical color pigments, has a broad development space, will be as we go along, continue to reduce production costs, for the near future wide application of mica pearlescent pigment to create a wider road, create more convenient for the user to select and use products.

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